Don’t Keep Your Love a Secret

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It is a little known fact that the months of November and December produce more engagements than any other time.  There must be something about the celebratory air that begins with Halloween and moves into Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I think we get happy and open up our heart for all things good.  Those feelings increase our seratonin levels and grow our love.  Be that as it may, this is the time to show our love in all kinds of original ways.  A walk in the metro parks holding hands with the leaves falling all around is a picture to be treasured.  Going to a festival and enjoying fun events and yummy goodies, hanging seasonal decorations together, and sharing good times with friends all grow this love.

Don’t hesitate to preserve these memories forever.  Keep a picture in your mind of these beautiful times.  Better yet, put that visual picture into something that reminds you all the time (  But, whatever you do, know that you are growing and enhancing your love.

And, who knows, it might lead to a marriage proposal. Enjoy the season.

We Finally got Our Top 2 Watches Back in Stock

This has certainly been a strange summer for our watch company (—and probably all watch companies. We placed our order for a new supply in January and expected them 2 months later—but they never came. We kept calling and the factory kept pushing up the date of arrival.

We ran out of our most popular styles—The Maxim and The Sophisticate— and we still couldn’t push up the date. We begged. We pleaded that we now had a waiting list. We even resorted to yelling. To no avail. That’s because the Japanese movements that keep our unique, high quality watches ticking could not be produced fast enough. It seems that after the Japanese earthquake, the electric power was rationed on half time to all manufacturing companies. Therefore, the orders took more than twice as long to be produced.

No matter. We wouldn’t compromise with any other movement in our watches. We know our customers count on our timepieces to produce absolutely accurate time—all the time.

It was worth the wait. They just came in—handsome, special, with the best quality  movement.

We made The Plain Dealer’s ItList for Father’s Day!

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apprentice chronograph watchJoanna Collins ItList is featuring The Apprentice as a last minute Father’s Day gift. This handsome sturdy watch normally sells for $259.95, but is on sale for only $169.95 and is available at or Heirloom Home, 18119 Detroit Ave., Lakewood; 216-406-7530. But hurry! Only 2 days until Father’s Day.

BTW, Have you seen our Father’s Day video?

No Father Will Ever Forget This Gift!

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HourPower® Time is the kind of gift fathers love on their special day. The cool flipwatch opens to hold engraved words and a cherished picture inside. It’s a secret on the wrist. Disguised as a watch, it tells the time; but inside, it carries your heart. Men, especially, appreciate the mechanics, fun and meaningfulness of this timepiece. Women love having their husbands carry the family on their wrist!

It’s so hard to find a really good present for men–a gift that they can use and also treasure. There are so few accessories that men actually like; and, unique watches happen to be something most guys enjoy.

So, HourPower® is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Everyone’s happy. Men have their gadget and women are enhancing love. Whenever Dad checks the time, he is connected to his family inside. There’s nothing better than that.

Men's Traditionalist VIP watchThat’s why we think Father’s Day is the perfect time to announce the introduction of a brand new watch to the HourPower line. . .the Men’s Traditionalist VIP!

Special Features include:

  • Scratch resistant and magnified mineral glass crystal to protect the hidden chamber
  • Steel plate surface to be engraved for personalization
  • Scratch resistant mineral glass crystal to protect watch face
  • Water resistant to 100 feet
  • Precision quartz movement
  • Richly colored gray watch dial
  • Stylish black leather watch band for versatility
  • Gold plated watch rim with all stainless steel case for durability
  • Luminous gold hands for night vision, markers, and bezel point
  • Precision quartz date
  • HourPower Spiral on clasp
  • You can order this watch now – in time for Father’s Day – at the introductory low price of only $79.95 by phone (800.463.8385 or 440.256.0304) or by email ( only. It’s so new, it’s not on our website yet! Happy Father’s Day!

    Show Mom She’s Got Style

    THIS Sunday is Mother’s Day and in case the day slipped your mind, here are a few gift Women's Classic Watchideas that are so thoughtful and unique, you’ll want to check them out. Our personalized jewelry includes photo locket watches, gold photo charms, and beautiful sterling silver gemstone necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that make the perfect gift for any occasion. Adding a special photograph or engraving to many of our gifts provides yet another way of making it the perfect remembrance for your mom.

    You’ll want to visit our sister site for the newest jewelry including bracelets, necklaces and charms. Read more about it at this Cleveland Plain Dealer article.

    Think About Your Mom

    a watch for Mother's DayThink about your mother. Think about what she has done to help you grow up. Think about the hours, the days, the months, and the years that she has been involved with nurturing you. Mother’s work is never done when it comes to her children and her family. Moms often think about others long before they think about themselves. Their goal is to raise strong children who make a contribution to our world.

    That’s why Mother’s Day is the second most important celebration in America (Christmas is #1). I look for a way to say, “thank you” to my mom, and let her know she is in my thoughts often. The best way to do that is to give her a customized gift that carries engraved words and a cherished picture that offers quiet moments of contemplation. Add the element of time and you have a complete package of sentiment and utility to be used and treasured everyday of the year.

    Time to Remember Mothers Day

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    Celeb watch for women-pink wristbandEach year we have an opportunity to honor our Mothers on this special day.  We make the effort to buy candy, flowers and greeting cards.  All these gifts, although nice, have a short shelf life.  None of these gifts preserve memories of husbands, sons and daughters or grandchildren.

    That’s the reason why, I think it makes good sense to give the gift of HourPower® “time” to these special women.  These personalized keepsake locket watches are so treasured because they carry words and cherished pictures of the family.  They capture a moment in time that can be relived just by opening the secret chamber of the HourPower Watch.  It is amazing the rush of emotion and love that is felt when the lid is lifted and smiling faces beam out at you.

    These high quality, stainless steel timepieces at, can be engraved with your own heartfelt words and can hold permanent picture discs.  They are a perfect way for mom to be connected with her family and feel their appreciation and love all 8,760 hours of the year.

    10 Ways to Celebrate Spring with Joy and Love

    Spring is here officially and we’re all so happy to have this new season.
    It is a time to celebrate with all kinds of joy and love.

    1. Go outside and watch for signs of the earth warming and little sprouts pushing through.

    2. Smell the fresh air for the first fragrances of the season.

    3. Walk around with friends and family and share the joy of moving.

    4. Plant some flowers that can handle changing weather and give you some much needed outside color.

    5. Share a cup of coffee at an outside café (even if you have to wear your coat).

    6. Dream about your garden and what you want to grow.

    7. Buy something new that is bright and colorful.

    8. Think about upcoming holidays and how to celebrate.

    9. Plan to honor your mother on her special day with something meaningful that evokes memories.

    10.Plan to honor your father on his upcoming holiday with something unique and special.

    “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

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    Your HourPower® watch with hidden chamber is the  tool to help you stay in the moment and start a new beginnng.

    Recovery and life are both lived day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and minute-by-minute. Now, you can work your program by linking time to your personal commitment to be abstinent.

    To the outside world, this is a stylish, high quality timepiece. But, to you, it carries a secret that keeps you connected to your personal message of resolve. It provides you with a quiet moment to stabilize and center yourself, no matter what is going on. It celebrates your sobriety whenever you check the time.

    Consider this watch as your meaningful companion on your journey. It is a constant in a world of change. Let your HP timepiece have a place on your wrist at all times. Start each day with your engraved message. Read it often throughout the day, both silently and out loud. You will become aware of positive energy that will help you take little steps to create change in your life. Stay in the moment with your mantra and it will move you forward.

    Work your program with time on your side–every second, every minute, every hour.

    Fall Rains Keep us Indoors & Planning for the Holidays

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    It’s October and rain is falling all across America. There have been floods down south, hail in Arizona and storms in the east. Fall is usually the time that we’re outside raking leaves, selecting pumpkins or harvesting apples. But, instead, we’re cooped up inside and feeling kind of gloomy.

    Men's Chronograph watchThe only way to perk ourselves up, is to start planning for the holidays. This pause in the seasons allows us to stop and collect our thoughts around gifts that we want to give to those we love. It’s also the time to get the best prices for those gifts because all of the merchants are offering free shipping and early sales.

    That’s what we’re doing at HourPower Watches. We’re putting lots of our handsome keepsake watches that open to pictures and engraved words on sale. Plan early for those men in your lives who will be delighted to find this fun and meaningful present under the tree. Stop and think about milestone celebrations that are approaching and nab a gift that will be treasured forever.

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